Preparing and sorting out defects and un-ripes for the “Natural Sun Dried” process on raised drying racks.

At KABUM COFFEE we only sell coffee grown on the north-western slopes of Mt. Elgon in the Sipi Falls, Kapchorwa Region of Uganda, Africa. We think it’s some of the finest Arabica coffee in the world, but why don’t you judge that for yourself?

What makes it such high quality? It’s shade grown…

  • At elevations of 1600 – 2200 MASL (meters above sea level)
  • In rich Volcanic soil
  • With an ample supply of rain and sunshine
  • Under the Matoke (banana) trees
  • Cooler night-time temperatures 

…The perfect combination for a sweetness and complexity unlike coffee cherries grown at lower elevations.

Not only is the coffee high quality, but KABUM COFFEE works directly with the farmers to eliminate the middleman. We have personal relationships with them and their families and we’re even able to help out with their children’s school fees. We only buy from this select group of farmers and they only supply us with “Direct Trade” “Single Origin” “Micro-lots” — no blends.

Our roasted coffee is available in the “traditional” dark roast, a “Full City roast.” Available in the “Washed” processed and the traditional “Natural” processed. We only roast small lots twice a week to insure the freshest tasting coffee is in your cup. 

You ask what’s the difference? The washed process, the cherries are rinsed and the floaters are removed prior to depulping. The depulped cherries are then fermented for up to 48 hours then remaining mucilage washed off and resulting parchment is placed on drying racks for 4-7 days.

Natural Processed cherries are rinsed and floaters removed and the whole cherry placed on raised drying racks for a slow dry for 14-20 days protected from the hot sun and rain.

In the cup “Washed” coffees tend to have bright, clean, aromatic notes of citrus, green apple and fruity.  “Naturals” tend to have flavor profiles that are intense, with potential attributes of dried fruit, leather, blueberry, fig, sometimes nutty.

Start of the Natural Process, selected ripe cherries spread out to dry.

Natural processed cherries drying