No Better Coffee. No Better Cause.

There’s fair trade coffee. There’s farmer co-op coffee. And then there’s Kabum Coffee— some of the best coffee grown anywhere on the planet. All backed by a business model that’s full, entirely and wholeheartedly humanitarian-base. Who wouldn’t drink to that?

Those who toil and sweat in their fields every day should see more profits. Lots more.

23 Women group sorting and drying parchment

Kabum believes in “True Trade”

At Kabum, we think it’s time to quite literally take things up a notch. Or several notches. Whereas fair trade raises the floor of what local farmers are paid, we blow the ceiling off — by sending the vast majority of profits back to the individual growers. We also pay retroactive bonuses for a quality product after harvest time and administer microloans so that individual farmers can own their own land and their own equipment and aren’t beholden to others in the harvesting process.

We call this truly humanitarian-based way of doing things “True Trade.”

“The women taking pride in their crop.”