23 Women - 100% Arabica (12oz)

Single Origin – Ethically traded, fully washed and sun dried on raised beds.  This is a unique, flavorful and masterfully crafted coffee by a group of ladies that have banded together to perfect their craft and feed their families.  We have recently partnered with them exclusively to train, teach and expand their horizons through capacity building and friendship.  It has been rewarding for us all and now we are proud to bring you their own brand.  These women who are otherwise alone have joined forces to get serious about producing the best coffee Uganda has to offer.  Each year they have entered they have won the Taste of Harvest Competition for the best coffee in the country of Uganda.


Cup profile: A unique blend of citrus notes, hints of chocolate and a smooth nutty finish. Variety: Bugisu Arabica



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Category: Roasted Coffee

Type: Coffee

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