Because coffee plays a huge role on the global economic stage, we love harnessing this reality as an equally large opportunity to play our role in transforming the economies, cultures and the individual lives of farmers in the emerging world. We’ve structured Kabum accordingly to find farmers within single origins who want to engage with Kabum to develop award winning coffees. In fact, we’re one of a few coffee companies who can trace the beans in your cup back to the hands that grew them.


We do this via a network of field agents and dozens of lead farmers who mentor others in their area — helping them learn best practices, administering SACCOs (mirco-loans) to purchase equipment, fertilizers and more. As a result, they’re able to grow some of the world’s finest coffee (Kabum Uganda has placed first in Uganda's "Taste of Harvest Competition" three times!). And when they do, not only do we pay a higher price, we also pay them a retroactive bonus as a reward for the hard work required to grow a better product. As an example, prices paid in past years have varied from 12-26% more than prices paid by other buyers. In addition, many of these farmers are women. One newly featured "23 Women"  brand is a tribute to their cause. 


Bottom line is Kabum Coffee doesn’t just help fuel the international coffee market, we also help change the future of every farmer in our program. For the better. Drink Kabum Coffee...do some good! 


Kabum Coffee emerged out of a desire to help farmers give their children a solid education.  Change happens when the next generation never learns the bad habits that plague emerging cultures.  The Kabum founders helped start a school in Kapchorwa that educates many of the farmer's children today.  You can even help by sponsoring a child of those less fortunate families.  Visit - Hopeafricakids.org